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management support

We know you know how to conduct your business well!

However, do you have the bandwith and the exact skillset for the current situation? Would it help to have someone beside you to take some weight off your shoulders? We are here to help…

our mission is clear

We are here to help … with hard & soft skills that may be just what you are looking for – not forever, but just long enough until you reach calmer waters.

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What We Do

interim management

With our experience and proven track-record of success, we can gladly step in and up to fill gaps in managing your business where you have temporary resource and know-how constraints.

You can count on us for providing relief by interim management in times of trouble (and beyond)!

what we offer

There are times when you need to act fast and replace a manager on short-notice. You can approach to discuss any short-notice interim management requirements of yours. Finding a good permanent replacement in a leadership position may take from 3-6 months. Adding these responsibilities to anyone who is already fully occupied may not be the best approach and result and negatively impact overall team performance.

This interim replacement opportunity may also bring about the added benefit of an external consultant’s viewpoint on organizational development, process structure and team dynamics. With our flexible support opportunities we can potential turn any stumbling block into a steping stone together.

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“Mr Kakavis was an asset during his time here in Washington and exhibited a sincere willingness to take on projects... [such as the] extension of our North American Website and to include special features for US-based travel agents. He also prepared a competitive study of the Eastern European market and the Middle East from a US perspective... [He] is a team player."
District Manager Southeast (Austrian Airlines) - Washington, DC
“Mr. Kakavis displayed a very good performance… He demonstrates that he has a very good analytical and creative mind... I have found him to be a conscientious, very motivated and cooperative person.”
Emeritus Professor of Economics, (Athens Univ. of Economics & Business) - Greece
"In our technical operations center, Mr. Kakavis, as the operations manager, performed [all] activities with the utmost precision and to our complete satisfaction."
Leiter Kunden Service Center (Océ Österreich) - Vienna, Austria
“Markus helped the programme establish a runway for success with careful and thorough analysis of the problem domains and ensured all communication channels and content aligned with the transformation strategy.“
Global Design Leader ( – Galway, Ireland