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change management

Change is imminent. You know it may not be easy, but it’s important. But you also know: If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.*

our mission is clear

With our experience and proven track-record of success, we can gladly step in and up to help you plan, manage and lead your team through the change process.

There will be some hick-ups, yes.
But we’ll make sure it is as friction-free as it can be.

What We Do

manage the change

Are YOU ready to adapt your approach and fine-tune your journey and to ensure that your change is managed and communicated appropriately? Try us.

Change before you have to!

Activity Deep Dive And Role Description

what does a change consultant do?

  • Conduct impact analysis of business solutions on existing organisation processes, roles, principles, facilities and information technology and guides others to understand the impact
  • Identify and presents gap analyses highlighting current state, future state, client needs, best practices and competition
  • Develop change strategies, training strategies and associated planning to support business readiness and adoption of the solution
  • Participate in the integration and deployment activities relevant to the organizational change discipline (i.e., training, communication plans, rewards & recognition, etc.)
  • Participate in project delivery and quality assurance of business change, organisation, training and communications (Methodology).
  • Manage client expectations and balances the needs of the corporation with end-user satisfaction (Relationship Management).
  • Consult through superior delivery skills, client relations and provide guidance while supplying relevant subject matter expertise
  • Communicate in both formal and informal settings including medium to large sized groups of key decision makers at the executive level; tailor presentations to needs and interests of the audience
  • Potentially assist in developping articles and white papers covering areas of expertise (Communication)
"I had the pleasure to work with Markus in the context of a major digitalization project... Markus is an excellent communicator with a strong background and experience in project management. He could successfully manage multiple stakeholders and work with all hierarchy levels thanks to his diplomacy and his communication skills. Pragmatism, empathy and creativity made him successful when it came to communicating changes to employees and business partners. Markus was always open to try new technologies and suggest innovative solutions to deliver change management measures. He is also patient, inspiring and he knows how to continuously motivate his co-workers. It’s really a great pleasure working with him....”
Organizational Development Consultant (Arval BNP Paribas Group) - Munich, Germany
"Markus has proved himself a very effective communicator: proactive, clear, and concise. His management style is participative and he is not afraid to delegate. His overall work, along with his strong commitment and adherence to budget constraints and agreed milestones is always evident, his artefacts and deliverables are concise, thorough and comprehensive. Markus is a very conscientious, honest and able employee. I am convinced that he has what it takes to lead individual clients as well as organizations through Change effectively.”
Global Programs Director – Aberdeen, Scotland
“Markus Kakavis was a Management-of-Change Executive and … was involved in the early stages of the program including pre-sales and enablement phase. He paved way in drafting communication plans to properly roll out changes brought about by the possible disruption of developing innovative and user centric services for the client.”
Business & Integration Architect (Accenture) – Manila, Philippines
“Working with Markus was a great experience… he always had a good overview and was able to lead the team in a target-oriented way. In the course of the project he showed a lot of flexibility and willingness to change, which characterized the success of the project”.
Business Consultant – Zurich, Switzerland