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leadership consulting

A trained and experienced pair of eyes from outside can help you get to where you want to be.

our mission is clear

A mirror can help you reflect – as a silent observer.

We can be just that – and more: We can and will speak up to assist you. Help us help you succeed.

What We Do

leadership assistance & consulting

With our experience and proven track-record of success, we can gladly step in and up to help you close the last remaining gaps in becoming a strong and effective leader.

add some coaching & training to the equation

Some individuals are natural born leaders. Others need to work on their social competences. But for a successful leader, you cannot just ignore soft skills. Investing in your leadership team to enhance and improve their social competences, learn from mistakes and assess their own potential and that of their team appropriately, will help improve outcomes.

In our professional network, we work with successful trainers and coaches that we will team up with to ensure you get the best results based on your individual needs.

“Markus is one of the most senior program managers I have been meeting at DXC. I have always experienced him as a person on whom I can rely - he clearly takes accountability and drives business outcomes with high quality. His intercultural communication skills, empathy for people and open attitude make him a perfect candidate for leading multinational programs requiring direction, multi-dimensional coordination but also the flexibility to adopt to changes...”
Client Relationship Executive ( – Baden, Austria
"Markus was managing a team of project managers and a program management office based in India [between 2015-2018]... Since we were an offshore team, he ensured that as a leader… he was prepared with international mindsets and cultures. It was extremely easy to collaborate with him. As a leader, he provided … professional insights and guidance. He was quick to adapt to change and adopted a smart approach to drive change within our team."
Senior Project Manager for Syngenta (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) – Pune, India
“Markus is an excellent professional who understands the factors of enterprise transformation at all levels. His ability to lead multi-skilled senior team members in a highly effective and personable manner defines him as a leader."
Global Design Leader ( – Galway, Ireland
“It was a pleasure working with you. We as team tremendously profited from your input and experience.”
IT Consultant, Designer (off lines) – Munich, Germany